April: What's New?!

Hello Fam! We didn't really post an update for March, so this update will probably be a big one!! We hope everyone has been staying home and taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19! We've been working on a few things over the past few weeks and we're glad to announce that the mobile site is officially live and that we've also created a mailing list to keep you folks updated on the latest things happening on the site or things that we will launch in the near future!

You can sign up for the mailing list here. We'll be sending out updates on the blog, the shop and many more! Plus, you get a nice little 10% of when you sign up too!

We've also added a few new things to the shop! We heard that some of you love a to-do list, so we've included them as add-on options for your bespoke planners! These can be added to your planner in various options. After every single month (chose the monthly option) and as a single double-page spread for general use! Shop here.

We also added on an option for you guys to personalise your notebooks! Our notebooks are not handmade by us unlike out planners, so we wanted to give you guys an element of personalisation! Shop here.

You might have noticed a few new things happening on our instagram as well!

We've started doing templates!

These were already popular on instagram before the outbreak, but we figured we'd try doing some of our own too! You can definitely expect more to come soon! If you guys have any sort of theme you'd like us to do (productivity, self-care etc), we'll be rise to the challenge and create a Bingo/This or That template for you to share with your friends and family on social media!

We've also did our first theme poll for our 2021 planners! We thought it would be fun to include you guys in the design process even more, so we're posting 2 themes a month until July 2020 on our instastories! All you guys have to do is vote for which one you'd like to see in our shop, and the winning theme will be launched in September! We'll be posting the polls on the 11th of every month so do keep a lookout! If you've signed up for our mailing list, you'll be updated there too.

Don't worry, the current themes that we've released for our 2020 planners will still be in store until the 31st of October 2020. After that, they will be discontinued,

April is almost over, we hope you are all staying safe at home and spending more time with your loved ones, or giving yourself all the alone time you need. It may be tough to stay positive in difficult times like these, but stay as positive as you can and remember to check on your friends and family who may not be staying with you.