Reasons To: Keep a Journal

First thing's first: What's the difference between a journal and a diary?

Although the two things are similar and the terms have been used interchangeably, there is a slight difference. They are both safe spaces for us to be ourselves, as well as serve as a private way to reflect and keep memories or track progress.

Diary entries are daily entries that reflect what has been done in that particular day. For example: your food diary will have a record of what you've eaten for the day. Journal entries don't have to be a daily routine (but they can be!), but more importantly, they're more of a mind-map or creative space for you to explore. For example: your food journal would contain new cuisines or restaurants you'd like to dine at, or a progress on a new food habit you're working on (meal prep, etc).

With that out of the way, here are reasons why you should keep a Journal (or diary)! 1. Self-Improvement

We are all a work-in-progress, and sometimes looking back to see how far we've come in life helps to keep us motivated. It also helps us to see what might or might not be working, and that may give us an idea of how we would like to move on from there. We may be our own worst enemy, but we are also our own best motivators!

2. Clears your mind

Sometimes getting work done with a clouded mind does hinder our productivity. Writing your feelings down can help you to rationalise them, or can simply serve as an emotional dumping ground so that you can get certain feelings off your chest for a while. Writing what made you feel a certain way can also help with finding out certain triggers that set you off, which then allow you to work towards avoiding such triggers without changing your lifestyle drastically.

3. Improves your communication skills

There are times when we have have many ideas, but we aren't able to explain them or picture them fully. Writing them down helps us to see a clearer picture, how to work on the idea or even improve on the idea. As you keep writing, you'll be able to see a clearer picture because you've managed to mentally declutter. Eventually, you might find that you'll be able to express yourself more clearly too!

4. Keeps your thoughts organised

For some of us, ideas come to us at the most random times - on the bus, in the shower, during an important meeting, while we're waiting for our food.. it's crazy! For those of you who have this 'problem' (let's face it, it's not really a terrible one), we recommend bringing a journal with your wherever you go! There are also times when we have a lot of things happening at one point, and we do need to keep ourselves in check. It could be a lot of thoughts from an overwhelming day, or even just two many ideas from a sudden burst of creative juices. Writing them all down (be it in long paragraphs or even a simple list) can help to organise your thoughts and help your to pick ideas that you'd like to expand on and sieve out the not-so-great ideas.

5. Gives you a reason to sit and think

Some of us require our own 'quiet time', and that's also a good part of the day to incorporate journaling! As mentioned earlier, it helps us to organise our thoughts, and rationalise certain feelings and how we can deal with them. Thinking about the goals we hope to achieve and how we want to achieve them reminds us why we got started in the first place. It also gives us a reason to be positive about the progress (no matter how small!) and it serves as a good way to end your day on a positive note.

If you'd like to grab a journal and start writing, you can have your pick from our humble selection in the shop!