Tips: Achieving Your Goals

Achieving your goals isn't always a smooth process, but it doesn't always have to be an uphill or lonely one. Especially now during the COVID-19 season, most of us would find extra time on our hands! We at Our Personal Co. want to encourage you to spend some of that time to cultivate new habits that could help to reach your goals, whether its something you'd want to do alone, or with your family members at home!

1. Be clear on what your end goal looks like,

Sometimes it's not about seeing the very end of the road, but we need to be able to visualise where we need to be or what we hope to achieve along the way. It doesn't have to be so dead specific, but having an idea to work with is always a good place to start and a good reference to keep you on track.

Sometimes setting a time limit works or giving yourself specific numbers to hit, be it the number of times you exercise a day, or even the number of hours/minutes you spend doing your new hobby or even the number of days that you feel happy during the week.

2. Make sure that this is a goal you've set for yourself.

Your rubric for success should be tailored to you and not according to other people's standard of success. Yes, we can definitely refer to success stories and take inspiration, but it is never healthy to set unreasonable standards for ourselves! Not everyone adjusts to changes immediately or is able to sustain a change for a long time. Take your time with it, and know what you're working towards!

You know your body best, you know yourself the best, so take care of yourself and make sure that the goal you've given to yourself is something you're doing for yourself! Our goals shouldn't be something that a friend pressured us into doing, or something we decided to do on a whim just because everyone around us is jumping on the bandwagon. Our goals should be something we decide on to improve our lives by inducing a healthy lifestyle change.

3. Don't be afraid to be ambitious, but remember to be realistic.

Like we just mentioned, your rubric for success should be tailored to you! Your end goal may not always be the same as the person next to you. If you're working on fitness goals with a fitness trainer, you need to be open about how your body feels when you train, and not just blindly push yourself when you aren't feeling well. If you're working with a therapist or counsellors on your mental health, be open about what they have to say and work on it at your pace with their guidance.

We hope that you guys are ready to work towards your goals! Reaching them isn't a walk in the park, but being able to find the right motivation will set you straight! Stay safe everyone!