May: What's New?!

Hello Fam! Before we get started with our update for what's coming in June, we'd like to wish all our Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya!

This month's update will be quite short, but nonetheless, exciting!

Do lookout for this month's theme poll on our instagram! We have just two left so if you'd like to decide what goes up in our shop, do remember to set your alarms for our poll on the 11th of June and 11th of July! We'd like to thank everyone who has participated in the theme polls so far! We hope you guys are excited about the launch in September!

We've also updated our collection of cardstock for custom covers! Simply head on to the Custom Cover listing on our site, and you will be able to find a clickable link to our custom cover gallery where you can pick from various themes!

Speaking about custom covers, we have decided to give another option for those who aren't too worried about how the interior of their planner looks like and just want to save some cash! We create our covers with two pieces of cardstock, and for custom covers, you can select either one or two designs.


The exterior piece of cardstock will be made from printed cardstock, while the interior piece will be made form our regular coloured cardstock (which you can select from the planner's original listing).

Double: This option is what we have been offering, two pieces of printed cardstock, one for the interior and one for the exterior! Should you pick this option, kindly select any colour in the main planner listing.

Cover Pockets:

The cardstock that we use for your pockets will match whatever piece of cardstock used to create the interior of your cover!

Plastic Wrap:

In our main planner listing, you can select the option of whether you would like your planner to be wrapped. We've heard some feedback about the durability of paperback books, so we came up with this option. We use a matte self-adhesive plastic to wrap your planners so the thickness of your planners are not compromised, but are given some sort of protection from and accidental spilling of water etc.

Now for the main event: We're having a Mid Year Sale! Sales Period: 10th June - 10th July 2020

We will be giving up to 20% off on selected items, so if you are interested, do lookout for more sneak peeks and upcoming information on Instagram! Mark your calendars!

We hope you're looking forward to this sale and that you've enjoyed this update! For those of you lovelies who have ordered something during the circuit breaker, we will be mailing out your items on the 1st of June! Stay safe, everyone!