Tips: Keeping a Journal

In our previous blogpost, we shared why keeping a journal can be useful and beneficial in so many ways. If you've started keeping one but you're finding it hard to maintain that habit, here are some helpful tips!

1. Find the right time and space to write

Sometimes the atmosphere can really affect how you work, so similarly, when it comes to journaling, you would want to be in a comfortable space! Some of us may like carrying our journals with us because our ideas strike at random times, but some of us work better when we're winding down for the day and we collect our thoughts in the process. It may take some time to find what works best for you, but that's all part of the adventure!

2. Doodle!

There are some times where we can picture something, but we aren't able to put it into words, when in doubt, doodle! Your journal is your secret place so it should also be a space where you can express yourself, without any fear of judgement. With that being said, it can also help you to progress into being able to put your feelings into words. All you have to do, is keep writing!

3. Write the dates, and title your entries

Giving your entries a title can help you direct your thoughts towards the topic and help you stay on track. Writing down the dates help you to keep track of your progress and how fast you're making progress. It also helps to give you a quick 'preview' of what the entry is about when you're reflecting on past entries!

4. Don't force yourself to write everyday

It's okay to take breaks! However, if you're dead set on writing something everyday just to create that habit, we recommend writing something short and sweet. Alternatively, writing whatever comes to your mind. You can always come back, read it and add points later!

5. Don't force yourself to be perfect

The whole idea about keeping a journal is to document your growth, ideas and inspirations, so you cannot expect it to be perfect! Like we said earlier, you can always write down an idea and revisit it when you need to! Forcing each journal entry to be perfect can also hinder your creative juices from flowing, so it's always better to pen your thoughts down! If there are too many ideas floating around at once, make a list!

Starting a habit is never easy, but when it comes to creating a good one that could help you become a better version of yourself, we say: Keep going! If you've yet to get yourself a journal, hop on over to our shop and grab one now!

Happy Journaling!