Reasons To: Set Goals

Happy April, everyone! We hope we've managed to inspire you to start keeping a journal with our previous posts, don't forget that you can purchase your own lined notebooks in our shop and start keeping track of your goals and future plans! Speaking of goals, here are 3 big reasons why it's important to set goals for yourself!

1. Promotes Self-Improvement

Setting goals for yourself (no matter how small) is a way of telling yourself to start something, and gives you something to work towards. The whole idea is to just keep inching towards that goal and each milestone within that goal. All you need to do, is start!

Larger and more ambitious goals will take a longer time to reach and you'd probably want to pin-point little check points or milestones so that you can keep yourself going. Every milestone you hit, you've already grown as a person and that's all that really matters. Sometimes you might need to take a short break or take a step back, but that's all part of the process.

Also, in current situations where we are mostly cooped up at home due to Covid-19, it is a good time to evaluate where you stand in your own life journey, and how you can improve yourself and current situation.

2. Helps You to Focus

Setting realistic goals for yourself help you to focus on what you need to do! More importantly, setting goals also helps you to organise your priorities. Recording your progress also helps you to figure out what changes are needed to your current lifestyle to achieve these goals. As time goes by, you'll start to evaluate if you are able to sustain that lifestyle, and if the goals you set for yourself are what you actually wanted to achieve.

These things will not come immediately, but it's all about self discovery, and all about figuring out what you need to do to be the person you'd like yourself to be. Everyone's journey and struggles in life are different, so don't compare yourself to people working towards similar goals, compare yourself to who you were before you set the goal!

3. Paves the Road to Your Success

Setting goals towards your ultimate goals are just like paving the way to your own success! Like we mentioned earlier, you might need to take a few steps back sometimes when something doesn't work, but has taught you lessons about yourself and possibly, those around you who may or may not contribute to your growth.

More often than not, it does help to have a plan because it's something you can always refer to, especially if you're someone that tends to sidetrack or get distracted. Some of us may not like following a strict plan, so setting goals that are slightly more abstract gives us various 'pit stops' that we may need to find ourselves at.

We hope that you guys are motivated to start giving yourselves some goals, be it in your personal life or work life! Stay safe and healthy, everyone!