Tips To: Cultivate New Habits

Hello Fam! We hope July has been good to all of you! If you've yet to check out our Bridal Journals, you can pop by this link and take a look! It has been fun creating this product for future Brides-to-Be. We hope that our journals help you stay organised and makes your planning a lot easier! This month, we're talking about cultivating new habits, and how you can stick to them. We figured you won't need reasons to start new habits, but you may need tips on how you can keep it up! Starting a new habit isn't always easy, so we're here to motivate you!

Remember why you started.

This should be your main motivation, whether you've decided to lose weight for your wedding or whether you've decided to do something new to better yourself. It is important to remember what made you want to start this journey. Remembering your initial motivation not only makes you realise how feasible and important this new goal or habit is to you, but it also helps you decide how to move forward in your journey.

Start small and build it up

Starting small is nothing to be ashamed of! When it comes to building a new habit, starting with something that is realistic and sustainable is always better than starting with something too ambitious. It can be as simple as adding something small to your daily routine like a 5-minute meditation session in the mornings and slowly building it up to 10 minutes after a period of time when you've got the hang of it.

Surround yourself with like-minded people

Having a support system is important, and surrounding yourself with friends or family members who may share the same goals or mindset with you can help you progress further with your goals and new habits. Perhaps if you want to make daily workouts a habit, you can work out with a partner so that you'll not only feel more motivated, but you'll also be able to share your personal progress as well as celebrate each other's milestones!

Keep track of your progress.

This could be a habit in itself, but tracking your progress - whether it's a daily journal or a google spreadsheet of sorts, is key to reaching your goals. It serves as a motivation for you to keep it up, and also makes you realise if something needs to be changed. There will be times when you need to make adjustments to your new routine, be it when you decide to dedicate time to this new habit or how much time you decide to dedicate to it. Keeping track of how you have progressed for the day will help you to make the relevant decisions.

Don't stop, small advances count too!

It is harder to remember to extend the kindness we give to others to ourselves, however, we are human and we tend to forget that from time to time. Making the effort to inch forward when you're having a tougher day isn't something to be upset about. It is important to remember that the small effort still counted and that there is always tomorrow to push harder. Allow yourself to have breaks to heal up and take some time to look through how far you've become, talk to a friend about how you're feeling or think back about why this journey is important to you!

We hope these little tips will help you on your journey, remember to be kind to yourself and those around you! Stay safe everyone!