Tips To: Stay Organised

Hey Fam! We hope that you guys are excited for phase 2 of the circuit breaker to begin this Friday! Of course, some of you out there might not be ready to head out of the house to socialise just yet, and that is definitely okay. Not everyone thrives on social interaction so its nothing to beat yourselves up about!

In our last blogpost, we talked about why staying organised and why the regular maintenance of your workspace can be really beneficial, so in this blogpost, we're giving you easy tips for staying organised!

Have a 'home' for everything.

Whether it's in your work bag, on your work table or even on your desktop. Giving everything a 'home' is one of the best ways to keep yourself organised and efficient! You'll know where to look for everything and anything. It can be a tricky habit to build because you'll need to remember where you've put everything. But practice makes perfect! To start, we recommend labelling your desktop folders, or even the drawers at your work table so you can get used to it. Say goodbye to losing things or wasting time trying to remember where you'd put something!

Prioritise your tasks

This tip is a little easier to follow because it changes daily. All you need to do is write down all the tasks you'd like to achieve for the day. We recommend using sticky notes because you can rearrange them around your workspace, and it's hard to miss them! Or you can simply use a piece of paper and write a check list! Once you've got your tasks written down, start prioritising them so that you don't get overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you may need to do. Sometimes, taking a breather to see what needs to be done helps you to organise your thoughts. By prioritising your tasks for the day, you'll be able to allocate a certain time frame to various tasks, focus on one matter at a time and pay no mind to matters that aren't within your control.

Tidy up your space regularly

We recommend at least doing so twice a day! A clear and neat workspace equates to a clearer mind, you'll be a lot more efficient and have less work stress without any clutter around you. Another reason why we recommend doing this twice a day is that taking the time to reorganise/to clean up the workspace gives your mind some time to relax from the tasks you've set for the day! A clean up should not take too long, perhaps 5-10 mins, just to put some things back in their 'homes' or put away material that isn't needed anymore, closing tabs on your browser that do not serve the current task or even just removing that empty cup that has sat on your desk since the morning!

We hope that you give these tips a go and that they help you become more organised and productive at the workplace. This works well for studying too, so no worries students, we've got your back too! Stay safe, everyone!