If you're a bride who loves being organised, a Maid-Of-Honor who needs to be on top of your bestie's wedding day, or a wedding planner who just wants to give that extra personal touch to your clients, we've got your back with our new bespoke bridal planner! 


Product Dimensions: A5 (15cm L x 21cm H)



  • Plain paperback cover
  • (available in Black, Cream Yellow, Forest Green, Light Grey, Pink or Sky Blue) For custom covers, please select any colour and add 'Custom Cover' to your cart.
  • Customisable Name Page
  • Budget tracker - 2 pages
  • Appointment tracker - 2 pages
  • Receipt tracker - 2 pages
  • 2 x Customisable vendor contact lists (List up to 16 vendors)
  • Actual Day timeline - 2 pages
  • Timeline Overview spread (available in both 12 month or 24 month options)
  • 3 x Vendor Shortlist Spreads (Shortlist up to 24 vendors)
  • To-Do List - 2 pages
  • Packing List - 2 pages
  • Note Pages - 6 pages


Bespoke Bridal Planner